the Inebriations

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Fueled by wanderlust and whiskey

Dave Yuknat, Rick Weden, Mark White & David Weden at the Midway Cafe, April 2015.


Or stream the Whiskey Wanderlust Video EP below:

A little about us...


The Inebriations play pure roots rock with hints of Alt-Country. The band, grizzled collection of long time Boston area musicians, is: Dave Yuknat on guitar and vocals, Dark Mark White on the upright bass, Rick Weden on drums, and brother David Weden (our newest member) on lead guitar. In addition to two singles released in 2013, their new EP, Whiskey Wanderlust is now available on Spotify, iTunes and Bandcamp. 


2015 Top 20 Pick by Metronome Magazine!

"[The Inebriations] rocked americana and roots rock like no band in recent memory."

"What started out as a virtual one man show has blossomed in to a burgeoning roots rock fest. The Inebriations are the kind of outfit you’ll hear playing in a seedy barroom in the baddest part of town, but they’re also the kind of group you’ll remember distinctly for their energy, enthusiasm and musical prowess." -- Brian Owens, Metronome Magazine

"Country jangle meets guitar lead on a mission. That is right where Whiskey Wanderlust exists, to the spot where clean country guitar leads hang out with their slightly more loose and dirty rock n' roll riffs friends" -- The Alternate Root Magazine

"What we got here is rowdy country-rock, loaded with chicken-pickin' geetar, solid drumming and the steady thud of the jug-band baseline. It is clearly driven hard by the singer's raspy yelp that sounds like it has been left to sweat a couple days in some backwoods country smokehouse" -- Will Barry, The Noise

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